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At Meteorites Plus we specialize in meteorites everyone can afford to own.
We carry a selection of NWA Unclassified meteorites and some of the more well known affordable Classified
meteorites such as Gold Basin, NWA869, NWA4528, Ghubara and Gao-Guenie. We also carry a selection of Iron Meteorites,
Gibeon from Africa, Canyon Diablo from Arizona,Campo Del Cielo from Argentina, Sikhote Alin from Russia and Nantan from China.
We also sell a selection of custom made Meteorite Jewelry.

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We recommend "Dad's Rock Shop" for all your Meteorite lapidary needs.

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Classified Stone Chondrite Meteorites, Gold Basin, NWA869, Gao,
Unclassified Stone Chondrite Meteorites
Iron Meteorites, Gibeon, Nantan, Sikhote Alin, Canyon Diablo, Campo Del Cielo
Meteorite Jewelry 
Meteorite Jewelry
China Tektites, Thailand Tektites
Faceted Gems
Emeralds, Garnets, Citrine, Topaz, Amythest, Amber
Fire  Agates
Fire Agates
Rough Rock
Gems Minerals

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Think you found a meteorite?
With this Test Kit you'll know.

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Meteorite Testing Kit
Meteorite Test kit $40
Kit will test 20-30 samples
Meteorite Testing Kit

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